Entry and security services for the education sector

The education sector needs to prioritise security. When we say education we don’t just mean schools, but universities and adult training and education providers as well. In this sector, keeping learners safe and reliably tracking attendance is a must. That’s where we can help here at EDS.

We’re specialists in making an entrance. We’ve worked with industries throughout the UK to improve their external and internal entranceways, as well as their security and access control. One of the sectors we’ve worked with most extensively is education. In today’s blog we’ll give our insight into the services that have best helped businesses here, and how they do it.

Bespoke automatic gates

Creating a warm welcome starts before your staff and students enter your building. Your gates are the first impression that any visitor will have of your school, and it’s important to make sure that they show you at your best. The vast majority of students now check out anywhere they plan on studying on Google Maps. If your school looks unappealing from a street view, it can genuinely impact next year’s intake!

Our bespoke automatic gates are the solution here. We provide gates for residential and commercial use, meaning no matter the size of your site, we can help. Our gates can be customised in a range of different heights and materials. They can swing or slide open and can be decorated in a way that matches the rest of your premise.

Speed gates

Safety in schools is a national conversation. We’re not going to start diving into crime stats here, but protecting staff and students has to be a priority. You need to ensure that the people allowed access to your site are all authorised to be there. Speed gates can help.

Speed gates are the natural evolution of the turnstiles you’re used to seeing around public transport and events. They feature a sleek glass design and can be customised to allow for easy access for people with mobility needs. They integrate seamlessly with a number of different access control services, likely including any that your organisation already uses.

Speed gates come with a variety of additional safety features. They use advanced sensors to prevent any unauthorised users tailgating or piggybacking their way through. Speed gates can be operated manually using a push button, or fixed open in an emergency. At EDS we’re always happy to provide on-site training for all our entry solutions.

Access control

Attendance tracking is essential for the education sector. It’s not just about marking absences, but ensuring you know who is where in the case of an emergency. We can provide access control systems that help you to do this with ease.

There are a variety of access control systems on the market, all of which can help bring some peace of mind to your business. Whether it’s a simple keypad attached to staff-only areas, or an advanced keycard entry system for your school. We can help integrate and automate the entire process.

A great example of this is the work we did for QA Training. This organisation needed a bespoke and secure entry solution. We manufactured, supplied and installed full height turnstiles, bespoke access control and automated pedestrian doors throughout the site.

Security services

As well as entry solutions, we can also help to physically secure your site. We do this using some of the latest technology, as well as some more old-school services.

We’ll start with the modern. We can provision and install the latest CCTV systems throughout your site. Our expertise means that we can ensure that you’ll get maximum visibility through strategic camera placement, improving security while keeping costs down.

We recently won a contract with Derbyshire City Council to design, supply and install CCTV cameras for Chellaston School. These cameras were linked to a network-based DVR system. Not only was the client thrilled with the new cameras, but the image quality was so good that convictions were made within days of the system going live.

We can also offer intercoms that connect to the rest of your site via the internet. Many analogue CCTV and intercom services will soon be switching off alongside the UK’s landline phone network. It’s important that your systems are kept up to date.

As well as tech, we also specialise in manufacturing and installing bespoke railings and fencing to protect the perimeter of your site. This fencing can be customised to match your existing aesthetic and security needs.

Find out more

Get in touch with EDS to learn more. We can carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application, then design a system to suit your needs today and for the foreseeable future. To book your consultation, get in touch at 01212 130 130 or email at web@edsuk.com