Heavy duty barriers and gate

Some industries have requirements that go above and beyond the ordinary. From manufacturing and construction sector businesses working with heavy machinery, to logistics teams who are constantly on the move. These businesses need the right technology to match their unique work, and that’s where we can help.

At EDS we support our clients by designing, installing and maintaining a range of bespoke, automatic gates and barriers. Our gates are designed according to your specifications and can also come equipped with matching railings and security services. In today’s blog we’ll take a closer look at how we design and supply gates and barriers for more heavy-duty purposes.

Our gate design process

Every business is different, but crucially so are the sites that they are based on. Whether you’re on an incline, leading out to a main road, in a city or rural area, it all has to be considered when designing your entrance. That’s where going bespoke with EDS can help.

From an initial outline proposal, we can formulate a complete plan of your new gate. Pretty much all aspects of your gate can be customised to some degree. This includes the mechanism that opens them, their height, the size of the opening itself, and of course the finish applied. We take every effort to ensure that your gate seamlessly matches the rest of your premises.

Once you’ve decided on your gate itself, then it’s time for installation. At EDS we’re happy to say that we can manage the whole process for you. We employ all our own craftsmen, and project manage the installation ourselves. It works better for our clients as it means they only have a single point of contact, rather than trying to herd individual tradespeople themselves.

What makes a gate heavy duty?

For businesses with more rigorous requirements for their gates, we’re able to offer a number of solutions. For many businesses with high security requirements, we recommend our automatic sliding gates. Due to their operation and positioning, when closed they are almost impossible to open by force.

These sliding gates are useful for heavy-duty use for a number of reasons. As they slide rather than folding open, your entranceway or yard is never obstructed. They can also be better fitted on an incline. The final heavy-duty benefit of sliding gates is their ability to be equipped with heavy-duty motors. These motors can support gates that span over 20 meters and weigh between 2,000 and 4,000 Kg.

Our range of car park barriers

No matter your industry, you need to be able to reliably secure your entranceways and car parks at all times. This is where you need to have a reliable range of barriers and parking systems supporting you. It sounds trivial, but your team will likely have to work with these services multiple times a day, so they do require some thought.

At EDS we can offer a wide range of barriers that meet a range of requirements. Most businesses will only need a standard raising barrier, with an extra skirt added underneath for extra security. For the average car park this works great! We know however that this doesn’t cut it for some businesses with heavy-duty needs.

For this we recommend our range of automatic sliding car park barriers. These are a unique heavy-duty security deterrent. They are more secure than a conventional rising traffic barrier, less intrusive than a sliding gate and cannot be snapped off like a conventional barrier arm. They can cover an opening of up to 12 metres, but double barriers can be installed to cater to even further distances.

Barrier security integration

For that extra layer of peace of mind, our range of barriers integrate seamlessly with a range of security and access control services. We can equip gates with a variety of access control measures to allow for seamless and unimpeded entry for your staff. This includes radio remote key fob, keypad, token or coin controlled, or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). We know for many industries such as distribution and logistics, these barriers are likely to be in constant use, so ensuring that traffic is kept to a minimum has to be a priority.

Finally, we can advise on a range of security systems to go alongside your entry solutions, From the latest CCTV systems, to ANPR and more conventional security such as fencing and railings, we can design, provision and install anything your business requires. All our products are made in the UK, meaning that not only can we ensure their quality, but we aren’t affected by parts shortages or shipping problems. This ensures that projects stay on time and better align with your budget.

To find out more about the entry solution that’s right for you, why not book a free consultation? To book your site survey, get in touch at 01212 130 130 or email at web@edsuk.com.