Gates and security services for the police

Police forces across the UK have to maintain incredibly high standards. Of course that goes for the service they provide for their communities. But it also goes for the products and services the police bring in to support their work.

When it comes to provisioning these services, it’s important that forces turn to the experts. At EDS we want to be your first port of call, and here’s why.

We’ve got years of experience working with the Metropolitan Police and smaller forces from around the UK. In this time, we’ve undertaken large scale security infrastructure upgrades, and more specialised bespoke projects. In today’s blog we’ll take a closer look at our work with the police, and how we tailor our service for them.

Gates for the police

Physical security for sites is what we’re all about here at EDS. From car park barriers to railings and fencing, we ensure that only authorised personnel can access your site at any time. We know that you likely already have some security presence in place at your site, but does it provide the level of convenience that your team needs?

At EDS our range of automatic gates provide a robust level of security without sacrificing ease of use. They are bespoke designs based on your entrance, meaning we can account for the intricacies of your site such as inclines or tight spaces. Our gates are automatic, but we know that speed and efficiency have to be prioritised by the police. This is why our automatic gates can be customised with motors that allow for a much faster opening and closing time.

Naturally we can also customise other elements of your gates. From their height, to whether they fold or slide open. We are also more than happy to accommodate for your aesthetic requirements, which for the police means a lot of blue gates!

Security for the West Midlands

When you think about technology used by police, CCTV is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. At EDS we have supported police forces around the country with the design and rollout of new cameras. A fantastic example of this is our work with West Midlands Police.

West Midlands Police came to us with the need to deploy a state-of-the-art security system across the whole of Birmingham. We were more than happy to oblige.

We carried out a complete rebuild of their security control room, providing cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom across the entire city centre. These cameras can be controlled manually but many can also be operated remotely via fibre optic cables. While the new system was being built we created a temporary control room that meant no recordings were inaccessible or lost. The cameras on the new system can now comfortably store footage for up to 90 days.

This flagship site has set the standard for police control rooms throughout the UK.

ANPR cameras

CCTV is fantastic for protecting individual sites and pedestrianised areas, but we know that on the road a different kind of solution is required. This is where our range of ANPR cameras can support your team.

ANPR can capture clear images of occupants and numberplates of vehicles, even those moving at high speeds. We have helped forces to deploy these cameras around city centres as well in secure sites and car parks. When we’ve deployed these cameras for a client in the Midlands, the results were instantaneous, capturing over 100 alerts in the first hour of deployment.

Parking services

Securing the car park around your site and others is crucial for any organisation. It helps to provide general peace of mind and vital security at night. For police stations, we can provide a range of additional parking safety and security measures that protect both vehicles and personnel on-site.

We can protect your car park with a range of road blockers, traffic flow plates, and even automatic rising bollards for high security environments. We can also provide parking revenue payment systems in your car park if they are ever required.

Our range of automatic rising bollards can be especially useful. These are crash rated, and feature an LED light for greater visibility. They provide an excellent way to protect any car park or drive, but we’ve also deployed them throughout city centres in the UK.

Why EDS?

At EDS we’ve had a fantastic working relationship with the police for over 20 years. In this time we’ve developed everything from small projects to huge installations like we carried out with West Midlands Police.

All our products are made in the UK, meaning that not only can we ensure their quality, but we aren’t affected by parts shortages or shipping problems. This ensures that projects stay on time and better align with your budget.

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