How entry and security solutions can protect your site from threat

Unfortunately, threats are an ever-present part of life, from vandalism to terrorism.

Every organisation has to be vigilant. And if you are in a strategically important or high-profile sector or institution, it’s especially pressing. From transport hubs to government buildings and hospitals, there are certain sites where the risks are greater – as are the consequences if anything goes wrong.

There’s no way of eliminating these threats altogether. But you can mitigate and minimise risk. You may be drafting a counter-terrorism plan, or perhaps you’re guarding against a local spike in property crime. Either way, how you control access to your site is critical.

At EDS we can help your business manage these security threats, here’s how.

Our specialities at EDS

Here at EDS, we design and build bespoke entry and security solutions right here in the UK. We have extensive experience in both the residential and business sectors, and a long list of customers with very tight security requirements.

We’ve done work at numerous strategically important sites, including Gatwick Airport, high-profile police stations, city centres, ports and other transport hubs. These are all locations where managing security threats is a constant task.

We’ll now run through some of the solutions we offer that can help you reduce threats.

Access control

Controlling who accesses your site on foot is absolutely critical. You also have to balance security with convenience. After all, while you don’t want to admit unwelcome visitors, you also need to provide easy access to those who are authorised.

Our access control solutions are a great way to achieve that balance, and provide a huge range of options including key cards or, for even higher security, biometrics. We would always conduct a site visit and tailor our suggestions to you.


CCTV is all about deterrence and detection. The presence of cameras will often put people off committing a crime – and if they do, you’ve got them on camera!

Our CCTV solutions are made for the modern world. They are cloud-hosted, which means you can manage and monitor them from anywhere. And they come with a range of options. These include ANPR cameras, which automatically detect numberplates, and automatic motion detection.

Intelligent Building Management System

Building management is a complex endeavour, covering a huge range of areas from security to energy usage. Our Intelligent Building Management System (IMBS) allows you to handle all these tasks in one control system.

This means centrally controlled security, CCTV, access control, energy, and fire alarm systems. IMBS is especially handy for businesses operating on larger sites, or multiple sites, because it makes security much more efficient and easier to manage.

Traffic barriers

Controlling access by vehicle is hugely important for the protection of your site and team. We offer a range of traffic barriers that can be designed bespoke for your site.

These include our heavy-duty, high-security traffic barriers to keep out unwanted visitors, which can be controlled by fob, keypads, tokens or even numberplate recognition software. This allows authorised guests to get in quickly and efficiently, without compromising on security.


Recognisable from football stadiums and festivals around the country, turnstiles are an efficient way to control access on foot. These are particularly effective as perimeter security because they allow quick, efficient entry but to one person at a time.

We can provide a huge range of turnstile options, including half-height, full-height and speed gate options which prevent tailgating. Perhaps the most secure of all are our man trap, air-locked cylinder gates, which you can read more about here. All our turnstiles can be integrated with a range of access control options.


Quite simply, bollards are one of the most effective ways of preventing unwanted vehicular access. If your site or car park isn’t fenced off, how else can you prevent access? We’ve installed and built bollards for a huge range of applications, from residential to commercial to public spaces.

We offer both static and retractable bollards in a variety of styles, so you can meet both the aesthetic and security needs of your site. Our bollards are crash-tested, giving you the assurance that you’re properly protected.

Heavy-duty gates

For businesses that require robust protection of their perimeter, we offer heavy-duty sliding gates in a variety of styles. We call them heavy-duty for a reason – they are so thick and strong that they’re practically impossible to open by force! These can open by swing or sliding mechanisms.

Bespoke solutions

The benefit of choosing EDS is that we can offer fully bespoke entry solutions. This means that whatever the potential vulnerabilities of your site, you get the peace of mind that proper security brings. We relish a design challenge, and have built gates, doors and more in the trickiest conditions!

Better yet, we design and manufacture everything in the UK. This means you’re not waiting for international deliveries, or slowed by supply issues. It’s a guarantee of quality, which also keeps projects on time and budget. We offer free consultations, so why not get in touch? Contact us today at 01212 130 130, or email at