Our complete range of security systems

Crime can have a devastating effect on business. Whether it’s theft, property damage or something even more serious, the consequences are always costly. And unfortunately, it can happen to any business at any time.

There’s never any guarantee that you can avoid being a victim of crime altogether. But you can make it less likely to happen to you, and reduce the impact if it does. As business leaders, we all have an obligation to protect our property and our teams. And here at EDS, helping you do that is our speciality. Here are some of the solutions we can offer.

Access control

Controlling who gets into your site is fundamental to your security and your team’s safety. Every organisation has locations where public access is unauthorised. A good access control system is the only sure way to control this.

At EDS we offer a comprehensive range of access control options for all organisational needs. Whatever the layout of your building, and however many sites you have, we can provide a bespoke solution. When we say bespoke, we mean it.

If you’re controlling access manually via a security guard, we can provide both audio and video feeds for authentication. We can also provide key card systems, for more efficient access control. For buildings with higher security needs, we can even offer biometric access control systems.   


When it comes to crime, CCTV cameras provide both deterrence and detection. In many cases, criminals will steer clear of buildings with a visible CCTV presence. And if you are a victim of crime, you can capture the whole thing on camera!

We offer a range of great options, from static to panning and tilting cameras. We can also provide ANPR cameras, which detect numberplates. This means we can kit out your entire site with all the cameras you need, with a system you can monitor or manage from anywhere. 

Ultimately, with CCTV the police are much more likely to bring the perpetrators to justice – and, in cases of burglary or car theft, to recover any stolen goods.

Doors and gates

We’ve covered access control systems and CCTV. These are clearly important in the fight against crime, but how much have you thought about the actual methods of entry to your site?

A lot of businesses barely think of this at all, and simply put up with the doors and gates that are already installed on-site. This is a mistake. There’s a huge variety of different entry solutions for different needs. The wrong option in the wrong place could create a real vulnerability, even with high-tech CCTV and access control.

As your perimeter access point, gates are your first line of defence. The last thing you want is something that can simply be prised open. We design and build durable, heavy-duty gates that integrate with your access control system. We can create them to open in a variety of ways, including folding and sliding. This allows us to offer whatever solution fits your needs and your location. The same goes for our high-security fencing and railing options.

After the perimeter comes your building itself. It really goes without saying that you need to protect this, along with everything and everyone inside! Here we can offer a range of doors and turnstiles to meet even the highest security needs. Once again, our ability to go bespoke is a huge advantage for our customers. We’ll visit your site, discuss your needs and offer a solution that’s tailored to you.

Securing your car park

Car parks are a popular target for criminals. The crimes people tend to associate with car parks are vehicle-rated. These are of course serious, and you’ve got every reason to reduce the risks of vehicle theft and damage in your car park. But that’s not all.

Academic research has shown that badly designed car parks can attract all sorts of other problems, including antisocial behaviour and event violent crimes. We’ve already covered CCTV, which can help deter people from using your car park for illegal activities. But you also have to consider managing access, speeds and traffic flow. We can provide a range of solutions here, including consulting you on what’s best for your site.

Speed bump ramps, better known as sleeping policemen, are a simple but effective way of slowing vehicles. As a security measure, these prevent criminals from speeding away. We also provide steel traffic flow plates, which can be used to establish a one-way system or to prevent unauthorised access.

For more high-security environments, we offer hydraulic tyre killers, which are incredibly effective deterrents against vehicular attack. They can immobilise vehicles by puncturing tyres and doing extensive damage to wheels, and are able to withstand up to 60 tons of axle load. Another heavy-duty access control option is our rising kerb road blocker, which is a highly visible and effective obstruction to unwelcome visitors.

This is all in addition to a range of barriers and gates to control access to the perimeter of your car park. Our security experts assess your site and consult you on what’s best for you.

Choosing EDS to secure your site 

We hope this is a useful overview of what you need to consider, and how we can help. At EDS, we’re seasoned professionals in building security. We’ve worked on extremely high-security sites, from airports to seaports to police stations.

We’re able to assess your location and offer a truly bespoke solution to keep you safe. And we manufacture our gates and doors ourselves, right here in the UK. This means we can guarantee their quality, and deliver them to you faster and more reliably.

If you need a second opinion on your building’s security arrangements, get in touch today.