Turnstiles for the events and leisure sector

Larger venues and events sectors face the challenges of having a lot of people going in and out of their site entrances. For locations such as stadiums, gyms, festival entrances and other significant events sites, you’ll need rigorous systems that can keep crowds safe and integrate with relevant access control.

Our range of turnstiles, available for purchase or hire are ideal for events and leisure sectors. The rotary motion allows the passengers to gain access in a single file, creating a safe passage for large crowds and minimising overcrowding.

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  • Football stadium safety
  • Full-height turnstiles for stadiums
  • Half-height turnstiles for stadiums
  • Cylinder gates for the leisure sector
  • Other access integrations for leisure and events

Rules and regulations for Football Stadium Security

Football is the largest spectator sport in the UK. Every week, millions of people head to the stadium, scan their ticket at the turnstiles and take their seats to enjoy 90 minutes of high-energy crowds and sportsmanship.

Whilst these events have always been enjoyed by many, the eighties saw some tragic football events that led to a revision of safety measures.

The government enquiry, known as the Taylor Report, revised regulations first laid out in the seventies. They recognised that stadiums urgently required tighter measures across the board. From an access and security point of view, the report outlines that stadiums need secure access control systems such as turnstiles and automated control barriers.

Full-height turnstiles for stadiums

You’ll likely have used the robust, durable, full-height turnstiles when entering any stadium or event venue. These are equipped for high endurance, high volume, and highly secure access control. 

Large stadiums will likely have multiple site entrances, which poses a challenge when monitoring how many people are in the stadium. Devices such as counting systems are a remedy to give your security staff the numbers they need to work efficiently and keep crowds safe. 

Our bespoke turnstiles can be built to the specifications required for any stadium. They can be built to size, with different control mechanisms, fully integrated with the rest of your access systems, and with a range of bespoke features. With in-built functions like ticket scanning, token acceptors, proximity card readers, keypads, intercom systems, and counting systems, you can make entry for your staff and patrons seamless. 

For the events sector, we also offer turnstile hire. These turnstiles still feature the same high level of quality and range of integrations. You also benefit from EDS’ expertise, we’ll help to ensure that turnstiles are strategically placed to ensure easy, congestion-free access for your guests and staff.

Have a read of the full list of features that our stadium turnstiles offer:

Cylinder gates for the leisure sector

If you’ve been to the gym recently, you’ll likely have seen the modern cylinder gates. These allow users to securely enter and exit the building from the same gate. The cylinder gates have become a common addition to many gym chains, for their ease of access and integration functions with user passcodes, fobs and QR scans.

Many gym chains are progressing to modern features that allow gym-goers to monitor their performance in gym apps. These apps can often track when the user is in the building, for both the user’s benefit and so the gym can track and analyse people’s attendance. Cylinder gates can integrate into these systems perfectly.

Have a look at our range of cylinder gates and their unique applications and functions:

Unified Access Control 

These kinds of integrations and control features are a good example of how a business can unify their access systems. Behind the doors themselves, management can put in place features that keeps users and the building safe, contribute to their overarching access control system and integrate with their other access features. These might be smaller turnstiles for other areas of the building, or security cameras that monitor your main entrance. 

Both gyms, leisure centres and stadiums share characteristics of being high-capacity and having large amounts of people entering or exiting the building at peak times. Whether it’s a large system that you need or just for a small bespoke gym, unification of your access control system will save you stress and time in the long term. It means that you don’t have to worry about security when the building is open to the public or closed overnight.

Why choose EDS?

EDS have been supplying access systems to the leisure, events and sports sector for over 20 years. We are a multi-service, precision automation engineering company, offering a unique and impressive portfolio of products and services. Whatever the size and scale required for your access system, we can help you. For more information on our products and to talk to a member of our team, head to our contact page. You can also give us a call on 01212 130 130.