Security solutions for homes and businesses

At EDS we’ve spent years developing an incredibly diverse selection of clients, from large, multi-site businesses to residential properties and even some of Britain’s most important public services. Even across this wide range of clients, we’ve seen that there are many services that overlap and can be made the most of by both commercial and residential properties.

Many of these systems come under the banner of security and this makes sense. People want the best of the best to protect their homes, and this often means turning to a business-grade service. There is a risk that you could overpay though, or end up with services that aren’t properly designed for your space. At EDS, our team will always aim to steer you towards a service that’s actually right for you. But for some extra help, we’ve created this blog that details some of the services perfect for both homes and businesses, and how both can make the most of them.

Automatic Gates: Style and functionality

Automatic gates are one of the first steps any business or homeowner is likely to take when looking to upgrade their security. Not only do they have an imposing visual impact, but they come with a number of other benefits, including increased property value and lower insurance premiums at home, and greater out-of-hours protection for your business.

When installing a gate at home, you need to take greater consideration for the way that it opens. We usually provide automatic swing gates at home. These generally open inwards but even in larger properties, there may be areas that feature steep inclines or other obstacles. Here we’ll implement outward facing gates. Similarly, in residential environments we can install automatic pop-up gates or around the corner gates to deal with other more confined entrances.

This generally isn’t needed in a commercial setting. Here the priority needs to be integration with other security systems and a heavier grade of security. Our automatic commercial gates can be integrated alongside a variety of access control systems, many of which we’ll discuss in this blog. They can also be made of much heavier materials.

CCTV: The leading security standard

CCTV is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about security. These iconic systems are now used in more homes and businesses than ever before. There have been huge advancements made in CCTV technology over the past few years and displays are becoming more advanced by the day.

For the home you generally don’t need this. Here we recommend installing IP-enabled, high-quality colour cameras. These capture excellent footage in varying light conditions. As they’re connected to the internet, they can be monitored from a device of your choice, rather than having to be controlled centrally.

For commercial use we offer a huge variety of cameras. These range from durable models that can withstand explosions, to ones designed for damp and dusty environments that come equipped with a tiny windscreen wiper. We also recommend ANPR cameras that can help secure your car park.

Access Control: Create safer entry

Being able to maintain a clear view of who goes where in your premises can give an unparalleled sense of peace of mind. Our access control systems are always tailored to the individual premises and are designed to work alongside your existing systems.

For the home, ease of use has to be prioritised. We know that very few people want to turn their house into Fort Knox, but installing an intercom, mechanical lock or even some biometric measures can still be done. Once the visitor is verified a door or gate can be remotely unlocked or opened by pressing a code on the telephone handset.

For businesses, access control is incredibly valuable. At EDS we can supply systems that support 1 or 100,000 doors. These integrate with your CCTV and telecoms systems and can be based around a variety of readers. From access tokens, card readers, biometrics and keypads. These systems are designed to give you a complete view of site attendance, and also raise specific alerts any time a door is forced or accessed unexpectedly.

Fencing & Railings: Security without compromise

Your site likely already contains fencing and railings, but are they doing their job? Plenty of businesses and homes use security fencing that provides very little visual deterrent and even less physical impediment.

At home, your railings need to prioritise safety. Whether you’re installing them on a balcony or walkway or outside your house. We can provide decorative railings that fit seamlessly within your existing aesthetic and can be customised to be the height that you need. We even offer stunning frameless full-glass railings.

For businesses we offer a wide variety of security fencing, from imposing barbed wire, to electrical fencing and lower security measures. This creates an excellent visual deterrent and keeps your staff and guests feeling safe. We even offer louvered fencing that can be tailored to let in varying levels of light.

If you are interested in finding out more about how EDS can help you with your home or business; contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 01212 130130.