How to create a bespoke solution with EDS

At EDS our ability to design, manufacture, install and maintain bespoke projects is what sets us apart from the competition. Our unique services can be adapted from just about any product you see on our website, from gates and entry solutions to safety features and decorative displays. This is backed up not only by our great and very flexible team, but also a wide variety of outside help.

We know that for the scale of bespoke projects that we undertake here we can’t be experts at everything. That’s why we have built long term relationships with a wide range of other organisations. This includes architects, construction specialists, and leaders in the security industry. Our products and services have evolved to meet the needs of these diverse client types and include many specialist products not available from competitors.

In this blog we’ll explain how we create our bespoke solutions, guiding you through the process start to finish.

Step 1: Design and Render

Every good project starts with a clear brief. We’ve built up an impressive design portfolio over the years, from residential to commercial projects of every size and scale. This process generally starts with consultation and site visit from a member of our team.

For many clients such as those looking for a unique gate for a residential project we’ll consult alongside architects as well as the property owner to get a clear understanding of their specific requirements. For this purpose, our designers can work from something as simple as a drawing. This has led to some stunning results, such as some of our popup and around-the-corner gates designed for city properties.

For clients in more heavy-duty spaces, we’ll take a more regimented approach. We’ve worked with organisations in a number of industries, from National Rail and Associated British Ports to the Atomic Weapons Establishment. We offer our own specifications and datasheets, manufacturing products and interfacing with architectural or construction designs supplied by clients and third parties, we are skilled in processing a large array of CAD/CAM and other technical file formats.

Step 2: Manufacturing

Once your product has been designed it’s time to bring it to life. Our expert engineers will help bring your solution to life in our facility. All of our products are made here in the UK. Not only is this a testament to their quality, but it also means that our installation and maintenance times are very efficient. There are no delays waiting for parts to be shipped halfway around the world.

Our facilities are cutting-edge, with many of the bespoke solutions created there being the first of their kind in their industry or the whole of the UK. This includes our range of barriers, which can include features such as rotation sensors, position sensors and logic controllers. These systems help to improve safety and have seen success during our bespoke work for Network Rail.

If you require metal or structural steel fabricators anywhere in the UK or even overseas, contact our sales department for more information.

Step 3: Installation

Once your bespoke project has been created, it’s time for the experienced EDS team to install it. Our projects are all designed to be completed in a timely and efficient manner, supported by our team and a brilliant collection of other specialists.

For our security solutions, we take steps to integrate our services alongside any access control, fire alarms or database systems that you already use. Our CCTV is installed by security experts to ensure maximum visibility, and no blind spots around your office. For one client in the education sector, the speed of installation meant that a conviction was made using our CCTV just days after they were installed.

There are aesthetic benefits to our project management process as well. Our attention to detail means that any gates, railings or barriers can seamlessly match the existing gates and fencing already at your site. If you’re looking for a refresh though, why not check out our range of decorative gates?

Step 4: Service and Maintenance

Our service doesn’t end once your solution is installed. To give you some much needed peace of mind, we offer a 24/7 call-out service should any repairs be required. Our service engineers are strategically placed throughout the UK, so we pride ourselves on our quick response times.

We also carry out regular planned preventative maintenance. This is essential to ensure both the operational performance and safety of your systems. We work closely with clients to establish their needs and provide competitive; tailor-made maintenance packages suit all levels of systems and to meet all budget requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about how EDS can help you with your project; contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 001212 130130