Entry solutions for the transportation sector

The transportation sector is all about getting people and things from one place to another. It’s only natural, then, that businesses here need to take a closer look at the technology that they use for entering their premises.

At EDS we’ve worked alongside transportation sector businesses big and small. Our customers have included everyone from airports at Gatwick and Luton to small stations, cruise liners and some of Britain’s best-known car brands. All our projects are made bespoke, so we can cater to just about every need. Over this time, we’ve built up some valuable experience on what makes a great entry solution for the transport sector. In this blog we’ll demonstrate how certain solutions can meet key needs for teams in this industry, from reducing congestion, to improving safety and shoring up security.

Traffic Management: Organise vehicles and people safely and securely

Traffic management systems when designed correctly can revolutionise the way you travel around your site. They can greatly reduce congestion and the risk of any accidents.

We can create bespoke control lights around your entrance. These helpfully direct vehicles and people around specific areas of your site. Our one-way and two-way traffic control lights allow you to merge traffic from multiple lanes into a single lane roadway, drive or ramp. They are widely used in the construction sector and so have a high level of durability, even when heavy machinery is involved.

Traffic management systems can be controlled centrally from a control panel in your site. It also integrates alongside CCTV so staff can keep a clear view of your lights and entrances.

Gates and railings: Keep guests moving safely

Entry solutions in the transport sector need to be both attractive to your guests and also have a strong emphasis on safety and security. These solutions need to be able to support a very high volume of usage, while also properly securing areas of the site that should only be accessed by staff.

Here our ability to create bespoke systems can be incredibly valuable. We can supply full-height railings both in and outside your premise to guide guests around the site safely. These can be made from a huge variety of materials, including all-glass, which is what we provided at Gatwick Airport.

We know that your premise likely already has a strong existing style guideline that needs to be followed, and our process means we can always stick to that. We can also integrate all our gates, doors and other entry systems alongside your access control or other security services.

CCTV: Reliable and high-quality security

CCTV has been around for many years, but recent advancements have made it an ideal service for keeping businesses in the transport sector safer.

We can provide digital IP CCTV from a range of different suppliers. These cameras are ideal for the transportation sector as they are designed for multi-site premises. They connect to the internet, meaning you can monitor the feeds from multiple cameras remotely. We can also upgrade any of your existing cameras on your network to IP systems without replacing the camera units themselves.

We recently put this into practice alongside National Express Coaches, providing CCTV throughout their sites across the UK. These cameras help to secure their premises and protect their staff. Our cameras were even used in the convictions from a notable terrorist attack.

Bespoke solutions: Made in Britain

We’ve built a strong reputation in our industry for our ability to create unique solutions. Many of the services we provide for businesses are industry firsts in a number of sectors, and transportation is no exception. 

At Redcar Central Station in Northumberland, we developed the UK’s first telescopic sliding barrier at a train station. These barriers were located in a very demanding location and needed to be implemented on a tight schedule. We incorporated rotation sensors and a programmable logic controller (PLC) to create a solution that met the stations requirements while staying on time.

The reason we’re able to deliver these bespoke products to such a high standard is because of our winning project management process. We have built long term relationships with a wide range of organisations including architects, construction specialists, specifiers and industry leaders. Our products and services have evolved to meet the needs of these diverse client types and include many specialist products not available from competitors.

Our products are all designed and produced in the UK. This means that our installation and maintenance times are all relatively efficient, meaning even large-scale projects, like those in the transport industry are completed on time.

If you are interested in finding out more about how EDS can help you with your project; contact our technical enquiry team at web@edsuk.com or talk to us on 01212 130130