Creating a complete entry and security solution for the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector is one of the most diverse in the UK. Businesses here can range from small teams of just a few members of staff, to large-scale operations that need to support thousands of staff and visitors. Manufacturing is also an industry that above all else needs to prioritise the safety of its staff and visitors. Heavy equipment and other potential dangers need to be always accounted for.

Security needs to be strongly considered as well. Your manufacturing site contains a large amount of valuable equipment, data, and staff possessions. It’s important that potential intruders and any other unauthorised presence never get where they shouldn’t. This means that the entry, safety, and security solutions you use are vital. At EDS we have years of experience working alongside manufacturing teams across the UK. We’ve seen what works for these teams. We’ve written this to share some of the solutions that have brought us the most success in this sector, and how they can work well together for your team.

Pedestrian Entry: Combine integrated access control with Turnstiles

When staff and guests arrive at any site, they want to feel welcomed and safe. The manufacturing sector is no exception. Security also needs to be considered, so a robust solution is required. This is where our range of turnstiles can help.

Turnstiles can be customised with a range of finishes and heights and can be located indoors or outside the entrance to your premise. We can also customise turnstiles to suit your security needs. They can be activated by a movement detector, push button, guard station, reception desk or a combination of systems. These turnstiles can be motorised, and we offer extra wide solutions for cyclists and greater accessibility.

We can integrate your turnstiles, and other interior entry solutions like speed gates or even revolving doors with access control systems. These can come in the form of keycards, access tokens or even biometrics. Once again, we can help you customise the services you use so they reflect your brand identity. Not only is this faster than using a traditional set of keys but also much safer.

Vehicle Entry: Use robust commercial gates and barriers

The manufacturing sector is set apart by its extensive use of heavy equipment, much of which comes in the form of vehicle traffic. You need a solution that’s safe and secure, guides traffic, and still allows for quick and efficient entry.

A commercial gate is the solution here. At EDS we offer gates that are CE compliant and marked and can come in a range of options to suit the needs of any manufacturing premises.

A great example of this is the service that we provided for FibreLine, a large upholstery business based in Yorkshire. FibreLine required a gate that could secure their large premise, but also allowed swift exit for a number of vehicles. To help accommodate this, we provided a 24-metre ultrawide set of telescopic sliding gates. These gates were finished in an imposing galvanised steel and featured three stages of deployment for more efficient opening.

This is just one example of how we can tailor our gates to fit the needs of manufacturing teams. We can also offer integration with access control and traffic management systems to direct your drivers with ease. Finally, we offer parking solutions and barriers that make entry simple for smaller vehicles.

Safety Onsite: Traffic Management and emergency systems

We know that manufacturing teams have to adhere to a huge number of regulations, and for good reason. We can help you meet these needs in a way that keeps your team safe and provides a welcoming environment for any guests.

Our interior traffic management systems effectively guide staff and visitors around your site. These services can include traffic lights, automatic pedestrian barrier gates with magnetic locks, and automatic door closers. These solutions are ideal for warehouses, production lines and workshops that feature busy walkways.

If something does go wrong, you need to be prepared. It’s important that your emergency measures cover all bases in terms of safety. We can help here too. We’ll install emergency systems whereby in the event of an emergency situation like fire, evacuation or a gas leak, certain signals can be set. For example, it could override your outdoor gates and indoor entry solutions to open all of them.

Security: Protect your business

Finally, you need to have solutions in place that keep your business safe from intruders. We can advise on CCTV and recommend how best to integrate both high-quality video cameras and number plate cameras with the rest of your entry solutions.

Using access control features, you can not only ensure that only authorised users can access your site, but you can also divide your site into sections, meaning that only qualified users can access high-security areas.

For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.