How turntables can help you to maximise space

If you don’t already know about turntables, here’s a quick catch up about why they can be so valuable to a residential property. We know that space is now at a premium for many homes. At the same time, it’s much safer to allow cars to exit facing forwards, and in some situations it may be a legal requirement. A turntable allows you to rotate cars safely, allowing them to exit the property smoothly.

A turntable is an innovative way to maximise your available floor space and greatly improves the safety of your property. At EDS, our turntables use the same technology as the ones used by car showrooms and can be customised in a range of sizes and finishes. We supply turntables for many different industries, usually designed for trucks, HGVs, and lorries, so reliability and durability are top priorities.

In this blog, we’ll explain how turntables can help you make the most of your space while remaining discreet and improving safety.

A full range of rotation

Our range of turntables from EDS are designed with the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for, we can either provide a surface turntable or a below-ground one. These can be customised with a finish to match your property and can be operated by your choice of mechanism.

The turntable can be operated using a push button, remote-control device, keypad, or secure key. The remote-control device especially allows you to get moving quickly and easily whenever you need to. The fact that our turntables can rotate a full 360 degrees is incredibly valuable in terms of space. There is now no need to compromise on your vision for your home by including a large driveway to use for turning your car around. It also means we can install turntables inside a garage or other indoor area. Either way, you get the safety and convenience of facing forwards when you enter and when you exit.

Our turntables also come equipped with collision sensors that stop the rotation of the turntable if they detect an obstacle in the way of their motion.

Maximise space without sacrificing design

We know that the aesthetic value of your home’s entrance is incredibly important. Any solution that you introduce here must fit with the appearance of your home while still helping you to optimise space.

We have a huge range of finishes available for your turntables, from stainless steel and aluminium checker plates, to granite, gravel, concrete or even glass. Many homes will use block paving inserts on their driveways. We can simply design the turntable around your infill requirements, whether you need standard or non-standard blocks, paviours, inserts, slabbing or tiling.

For indoor environments. we can use tiles or mirrored finishes that match or complement your existing walls and floors. Making the most of your space shouldn’t come at the cost of your home’s appearance.

Designed bespoke for your property

Every property is different, and tailoring your entrance to fit the unique aspects of your home is what we are all about. Sometimes a full 360 degrees of motion isn’t what best suits the space available. Our system can be programmed to only partly turn in one or both directions.

You also may not just be turning cars. For residential driveways our turntables usually come in at about 3–6 metres in diameter. As we also supply turntables for industrial or showroom use, we can expand the size to 6–10 metres for trucks or trailers, right up to large 15 metre turntables for HGVs, trucks with trailers and other large machinery. We’ve even provided specialist turntables for boats!

The safety benefits of turntables

While turntables may allow you to provide a great visual impact and maximise space, their most crucial point of value has to be their safety benefits. In many residential streets, it can be stressful or even dangerous to reverse out multiple times per day. Whether you’re in a busy city full of cyclists and pedestrians or on a particularly long driveway, this is an issue that you shouldn’t have to face.

Installing a turntable on your driveway or garage saves you a huge amount of time and effort every day and makes the process of leaving your property that much safer. It’s an innovative way to make the most of floor space that you may not otherwise make the most of, without sacrificing the design of your home. With an underground mechanism and collision detection, there are no exposed electrics and no risk of your car rotating into something.

All our products are made in Britain, meaning we can start projects faster and provide any maintenance, support or replacement parts very quickly. For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.