How to find the right entry solution for your industry

When looking for a new entry solution it can often be difficult to know which services were designed with your industry in mind. There is a huge variety of gates, barriers and other traffic control services available, not all of which suit every team. At EDS we’ve worked with a wide range of industries over our 30-year history. We’ve provisioned entry solutions for teams in the private and public sector, based around the need for secure and comfortable entry in both high and low traffic areas.

Whether you’re looking to secure the outside of your premise with barriers and gates, better organise your flow of vehicular traffic, or make an impact for visitors with modern revolving doors, we can help. In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of the UK’s foremost industries, and the entry solutions that we’ve found are best suited to them.


The manufacturing sector needs to be able to control access to secure sites and make entry simple for some heavy-duty equipment. For this we recommend some key pieces of equipment.

Manufacturing businesses often have premises that have to be secured. We can offer high-security gates that can be customised to suit the individual requirements of your premise. This means that for larger sites we can even provide ultra-wide gates and fencing. Even on sites that feature slopes or tight angles, we can provide gates that retract around corners or fold in ingenious ways.

Controlling pedestrian traffic flow on a production line or in a warehouse is incredibly important. Accessibility is key, as is warning personnel about any safety hazards. This is where our traffic management services shine – from pedestrian barrier gates that can lock magnetically, to turnstiles that seamlessly control the flow of entry.


The right balance of security and accessibility is the main priority for schools, colleges and universities. You need to ensure that not only the boundary of your premise is clearly secured, but students, staff and guests can access each area of your site safely and securely.

For exterior security we can provide a range of gates and fences to suit any aesthetic, architecture and level of security. Our solutions are all made bespoke in the UK, meaning that delivery, installation and maintenance times are very quick.

Our access control services help to keep your school safe. We can help provide turnstiles and speed gates that integrate alongside a wide range of security software. This allows staff to track attendance for each area of your site, and also to effectively block access to any secure areas.

We can also provide CCTV and full on-site training of all our security services.

Leisure & retail

For leisure, retail and other commercial sites, your entrance needs to be as attractive and welcoming to guests as possible. To help with this we can offer security solutions that are not only useful for managing traffic, but are visually appealing too.

To keep your site secure without deterring guests, we can provide a range of decorative automatic gates. This greatly improves the security of your site, while maintaining your aesthetic style. This helps guests to feel welcomed and safe. We’ve even worked alongside many listed properties, to improve their security without compromising their original vision.

We can also provide a huge range of systems to make parking a far easier process, whether it’s a simple pay and display machine, or more complex payment methods. We can also provide speed bumps, road blockers, traffic flow plates and even tire killers for additional safety and security around your site.

Construction & logistics

The construction sector has a unique set of priorities when it comes to entry. Any solution needs to be able to cater to the arrival of heavy duty equipment. You need a service that designates safe areas for pedestrians and vehicles alike. You also may need the ability to track the number and weight of any vehicles entering and leaving your premise.

This is where our traffic control services come into their own. We can offer a variety of solutions to manage vehicle and foot traffic, from one way or two way control lights to merge and direct traffic, to weighbridge systems that maintain a clear tally of the number of vehicles entering and leaving your site. All of these services can be viewed and controlled remotely and come equipped with a variety of emergency and safety features.

We can also integrate all our traffic control systems alongside CCTV. This means that staff in control rooms, or those working remotely can keep a clearer eye on your entrance. This improves security and making the entry process smoother in any situation.

For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.