Which Railing is Right for You?

Outdoor railings have a vital role for any building. They need to properly match the aesthetic of your building, prevent access to secure areas and in many cases prevent people from falling. Whether you’re protecting a business, home or public space, it’s important to find a railing provides a great level of safety without sacrificing visual appeal.

At EDS we can provide a variety of railings, fencing and gates for business and residential use. All our products are made in Britain, meaning we can start projects faster and provide any maintenance, support or replacement parts very quickly. We employ all our own craftsmen from our base here in Birmingham.

Every site is different, which means every single railing we provide has to to be tailored to suit your individual premises. That’s our speciality. To help you get a better idea of what’s best for you, we’ve created this blog that details some of the options we offer.

Louvered fencing systems

Louvers or slats are a modern and visually appealing way to protect the exterior of your business. These screened fences can be customised almost endlessly in a variety of different finishes, such as painted or mirrored coating, and materials, including aluminium, steel, copper and timber.

Louvered fencing systems are visually imposing and secure, and can also be customised depending on how much visibility of your premise you wish to provide. Slats can be angled to allow more and less light to pass through them, allowing you to tailor the visibility passers-by have of your site.

Louvered fencing allows you to maintain a great sense of privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Security fencing

Many industries need to provide a highly effective physical deterrent that covers a large site. This is where our range of security fencing can help. We offer a wide range of security fencing that can both match the style of your existing gates or fencing while delivering a high level of protection.

Our standard security fencing can be customised with numerous decorative features and will fit seamlessly within your existing operation. We also offer higher security measures for areas that need a higher level of protection.

Our electric fencing is a highly effective visual deterrent. Featuring an imposing look and warning sign, the vast majority of potential intruders will be turned away just by looking at it. If entry is attempted, this fencing delivers a high voltage charge for no more than a thousandth of a second and will be repeated if the intruder does not move.

This fencing system allows you to identify possible intruders and alert control centres of a possible entry attempt.

To maintain a high level of security without the electric element, why not try our palisade or welded mesh fencing? These are some of the best-selling security fencing products available today. Palisade fencing can be customised in terms of height and finish. We’ve installed thousands of metres of this fencing and it is one of the most cost-effective security solutions available.

Decorative railings

For an added touch of style why not take a look at our decorative railings? Our railings can all be made bespoke, from standard designs to ornate railings created to work alongside your property.  We can even top your existing walls with decorative railings to add an extra level of security alongside a stunning visual impact. These decorative railings were initially designed for listed buildings but are now rising in popularity for both residential and commercial properties.

We can design our decorative railings according to the plans of professional architects, or alternatively we can work from any designs you provide yourself.

Perimeter and boundary railing and fencing

This product is installed as a stand-alone fence along the boundary of your premise. This is a modular solution that can be built up to different heights around your perimeter and can be customised based on security requirements and any slopes around your site. These railings can be customised with a variety of styles and designs to suit your needs.

Frameless glass railings

Perhaps the most modern railing available today, we offer frameless glass railings, full-height glass walling and glass balustrades for interior or exterior use. These sleek and stylish railings have no discernible visual joints but are sturdy and secure. Once installed these railings or walls can be topped with hardwood or stainless-steel handrails to match the architecture of your existing site.

The options made available with glass railings are limitless. Whether you’re creatively dividing internal boundaries around your site, presenting a stunning entryway or balcony or building an open plan office or commercial space, these stylish barriers will create a visual impact for years to come.

For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.