How to manage traffic in an organised way

Traffic Management systems are cutting edge services that can be installed in areas where vehicles of any kind interact with each other or with pedestrians, enhancing site safety. Traffic management systems are used for restricted sites, car parks, loading bays, coach bays, sections of underground road or any other areas where a controlled stretch of road can’t be seen by a driver. These solutions are bespoke designed by our engineers here at EDS and work seamlessly alongside any other traffic control services that your business may already use.

There are a wide range of traffic management systems available to businesses that can help them organise everything from heavy vehicles to foot traffic. Here are some of the solutions that you should be aware of and how they can benefit your business.

Control Lights

Control Lights are some of the most recognisable traffic management systems. If you’ve worked alongside heavy vehicles before in the transportation, distribution or construction sectors, you will have likely seen their benefits already. Our one way and two-way traffic control lights allow you to merge traffic from multiple lanes into a single lane roadway, drive or ramp.

We know that different businesses will have to use their lights more frequently than others in order to accommodate varying levels of traffic. That’s why our solutions can be customised to be operated by a variety of different means. Lights can be activated automatically using presence detectors, swipe cards, keypads, or radio fobs. For a greater level of control, we also include manual settings that allow lights to be controlled by a button in a control room.

This customisation means that varying traffic volume flows can all be directed appropriately and will be designed to suit site conditions.

Weighbridge traffic management

A large part of creating an organised traffic management system involves maintaining a clear tally of how many vehicles enter and exit a site each day. For the distribution sector, a clear list of the weight of goods entering and leaving your premises is also crucial. Handling this process manually is incredibly time consuming and can potentially lead to human error, this is where our weighbridge traffic management service can help.

Weighbridge systems track each vehicle as they pass through your entrance or exit. This system integrates seamlessly with the rest of your traffic management system to ensure that a clear total is communicated to both your staff and drivers.

Clear and intuitive controls

A traffic management system is only as effective as the technology that controls it. A control system has to be clear, easy-to-use and also needs to provide clear visibility for the user of the systems that they are controlling.

That’s why as well as creating bespoke traffic management systems, at EDS we also design the directional control panels that operate them. This panel can be as simple or as complex as you need. From a set of buttons to a modern touch screen. This can be linked to everything from your traffic lights, directional controls, weighbridges, and barriers. We can also supply CCTV and ANPR systems to provide a clear view of your entrance and improve security.

Prepare for any situation

A traffic management system needs to have measures in place for when things aren’t working as usual. Thankfully at EDS we help business accommodate for the unexpected with a range of helpful solutions.

The first of these are built in emergency override systems for all our traffic management services. Simply break the glass in the case of emergency to trigger a number of safety features. Whether you need to guarantee that all vehicles and personnel can make a safe and organised exit or lock down your premise to prevent others gaining entry, it can all be automated. Our emergency override controls can integrate with our own barriers and commercial gates, or your existing solutions.

We also offer traffic light columns that can be integrated alongside the rest of your traffic management system to better control the flow of footfall traffic. These systems can also be incorporated with warning beacons, sirens and other safety enhancing features.

Bespoke gates and barriers

Making your entry process more organised is about directing traffic to where they need to be efficiently. However, it also involves blocking off areas that should be inaccessible. This is where our range of made to order commercial gates and barriers come in.

We offer a huge variety of automatic gates, all bespoke designed to meet the aesthetic and safety needs of your premise. Your gates will be manufactured in the UK, meaning the installation and maintenance process will always be efficient. All of our gates and barriers can be integrated with your access control and traffic management systems.

For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.