How to find the right residential gate for your home

It’s natural for any homeowner to want to add an extra layer of security to their home. Installing a residential gate for your home allows you to control exactly who can access your premises. It’s also natural to want convenience as well as security when choosing an entry solution, and automatic residential gates are now the new standard when it comes to securing property.

At EDS, we provide gates to homes across the UK from our base here in Birmingham. We know all homes are different, which is why our automatic residential gates can all be designed bespoke by our team of engineers. Our gates are CE compliant and CE marked.

With something like residential gates it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. Your security needs have to be met, but any gate also has to match the aesthetic of your property. That’s why we’ve created this blog. Here we’ll cover the options available to you, explaining both the protection they offer, and the properties that they best suit.

Automatic Swing Gates

This is by far the most common form of residential gate and the ones that probably come to mind when you think about residential entry. At EDS we offer gates that open with either one gate leaf or two, which can either open inwards or outwards. The most popular are twin-leaf, inward-opening gates, but we can tailor our solutions to meet the aesthetic and space requirement of your home.

Underground or Above ground?

While the finish of your gate might be the most exciting part of the process, it’s important to mention the details, like opening mechanisms. All automatic swing gates need either an above or underground mechanism to open and close.

Underground systems are the most popular opening mechanism in our experience. As all of their operations occur below ground, they provide a very aesthetically pleasing appearance. They also take the most skill to install so may be more expensive.

Above-ground systems include rams and universal arms. These systems can be concealed for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and have a variety of specialist uses. For instance, rams can allow for gates to be installed in areas with higher wind factors.

Available in a range of finishes

At EDS we know how important it is to make a great first impression. That’s why our gates are available in a range of high-quality materials, finished to your exact specification.

We offer wooden gates made from high-quality solid oak and bespoke decorative gates that can even include gold leaf features. For an extra-modern finish, we can offer aluminium or PVC gates cut with laser precision. These gates are lightweight and durable and can be powder coated in a variety of colours.

For a truly spectacular finish we can even customise our residential gates to be made from glass. These can be designed from scratch, based around even a simple idea or sketch. You can choose from glass or plexiglass infills with many decorative options available.

Gates for any situation

We know that no two homes are alike, and not every property is built to accommodate a twin-leaf swing gate. That’s why we offer a range of other bespoke residential gates that can be tailored to any environment.

Inner-city properties often have very challenging requirements when it comes to space. For these properties we often recommend automatic rising gates or popup gates. These gates rise effortlessly out of the ground and provide a stunning visual impact. Once again, these gates can be tailored to you in terms of height, width, material and opening mechanism.

For residential spaces with a higher volume of traffic passing through them, and a need to deal with space limitations, we offer our bifolding and trifolding gates. These gates can be customised in terms of height and finish, but also in terms of speed. For more continuous use we can offer fast acting gates that allow for more efficient access.

Around the corner gates

Even when space is restrictive, there are ingenious new gates available to you today with EDS. Our around the corner sliding gates is a hybrid of our sliding and folding gates.

These gates are designed bespoke to your home, meaning they will not only look fantastic but will provide rapid and smooth access whenever needed, even in difficult weather conditions. One of the advantages of the around the corner design is that these gates can be curved, perfectly matching the architecture of your home and providing a stunning visual appearance. We can even offer around the corner doors for your garage!


EDS has many years’ experience designing, supplying and installing hundreds of gates and matching infill panels and have the ability and in-house skills to do the same for you.

We employ all our own craftsmen and are able to project manage the complete installation from start to finish. All our gates include on-site service, maintenance and repairs. Our gates are all made in the UK, allowing for a much faster turnaround when it comes to original installation and any repairs that may be needed.

For more information about any of the solutions mentioned here, get in touch with our team at 01212 130 130.