Do you need a building management system?

Every business has different requirements from their working environment. Now more than ever we use a variety of different technology to keep our premises safe and comfortable for staff and visitors. This technology has to be controlled and managed effectively to ensure that everything works smoothly, and that you aren’t overpaying on any of your utilities.

The use a Building Management System, or BMS to control these operations has grown in recent years. The BMS industry is predicted to nearly triple in value between 2016 and 2023. A BMS controls all of your energy management, security, fire alarms, CCTV and access control in one unit. These systems offer a centralised way to manage every service within your building, saving time and improving security. Why doesn’t every business have one then? In this blog we’ll explore the benefits of a BMS, and whether your team should consider investing in these systems.

The benefit of automating operations

The main benefit that comes from a BMS is the automation of a large proportion of your building’s operations. Your BMS will automatically take control of pumps, fans, valves and other functions around your business to maintain a consistently comfortable environment, and also to stop your utility bills from racking up due to any user negligence.

Aside from making sure that your radiators are warm and your sinks have hot water in them, BMS platforms can be intelligently programmed to provide a range of more advanced features. We can set up your system to automate lighting, air conditioning, the movement of lifts, the watering of plants and the movement of doors. These complex actions are connected by distributed networks, which massively reduces the cabling costs you’d normally face.

These automations are obviously convenient, but do you need them? We’ve found that intelligent BMS are best suited to larger buildings that need to control a range of different environments. We’ve installed these services for tower blocks, offices, factory units and production lines.

Better control your security systems

Protecting what’s valuable to your business is a consistently wise investment. Access control and CCTV services are a brilliant way to keep your business secure, but we understand that managing and monitoring these systems can be a time-consuming process. Our BMS services can help you to manage and better automate your security services.

A BMS can consolidate all your business security system and allows you to access them all through a single PC. This creates some great opportunities to streamline and simplify your office’s security operations. This includes everything from making sure doors automatically lock in the evening, to making sure that CCTV footage is stored correctly.

Security isn’t just about keeping people out. Our BMS’ can also integrate with fire or flood alarms, making sure that all alarms function consistently. Once again, these services can all be centrally controlled by a single PC, with the possibility of touch and voice control available.

This service is ideal for schools and colleges. These organisations are often spread across multiple buildings that need to have their security processes synchronised. Control access to secure areas and make sure fire drills and other routines happen in an organised way.

Is a Building Management System (BMS) right for you?

Being able to automatically calculate the electrical needs of your business is incredibly convenient, and it can offer some unique insights for building owners. The ability to oversee the performance of your equipment, alarms and security services from one control centre allows you to improve the efficiency of your business and saves money on future maintenance.

We’d recommend these services for any office space, tower block, production facility or factory floor that needs to keep close eye on the environment that staff are working in. If you have a larger premises where heating, utilities and security need to be consolidated, a BMS provides the perfect way to stay organised and manage your key processes.

In this situation we’d recommend a BMS to any professional services team with a large office, teams in the distribution and manufacturing sector, and businesses with a multi-site operation.

At EDS we’re perfectly positioned to handle the needs of your BMS. EDS engineers are C&G Qualified and trained in the installation of systems from leading UK manufacturers. Our team can maintain the system alongside your building managers, operators and owners. Our proactive support service involves regular check-ups and consultations to ensure that your service works for within the specific needs of your site.

We’ve been helping businesses around the UK with their access control, security and electrics since 1992. For more information about any of these services, get in touch with the EDS team for a full site survey and to find out how you can access a tailored security solution. You can reach us by phone at 01212 130 130.