The security solutions essential for the distribution industry

The distribution sector underpins the UK’s economy. This essential industry keeps just about all others working at their best. Transport and distribution teams aren’t just essential for consumers who want to receive their latest deliveries. But also businesses and the public sector. That’s why we believe that security for this industry should be a priority.

With the importance of the distribution sector, and the value of many of the goods that are distributed, it is no wonder that this industry is targeted by criminal activity at a far higher rate than many others. With the logistics issues that are currently being faced by many UK businesses, security concerns should not have to reduce your team’s efficiency.

That’s where we can help here at EDS. We provide a range of security systems that all have one thing in common; they’re designed to provide you with maximum peace of mind, without compromising time. We offer solutions ranging from the latest CCTV and ANPR systems, to automatic door closers. These services combine to put an extra layer of security over any business, and in this blog, we’ll explain how we can help those in the distribution sector.


Whether you need to monitor the entrance or exit of one site or need to provide a fully integrated multi-site solution, our CCTV services can help. We can provide cameras that suit the needs of any distribution business. We know that in this industry especially, no two sites are the same. That’s why we offer cameras that can have rugged exteriors, the ability to pan and tilt, or even powerful dome lenses.

Camera technology has advanced hugely in the past 20 years. It’s no longer about grainy images on black and white displays. Our systems can provide you a clear view. Our installations team are also highly experienced in security for a range of premises, allowing them to install your cameras to ensure every location that needs to be covered, is.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) services have massively grown in popularity over recent years, and it’s easy to see why. These cameras initially were used as speed detection services, but their ability to record number plates nearly instantly has made them a valuable tool in a variety of industries. The distribution sector is no exception.

Our ANPR solutions can be installed onto all main entrance and exit gates at your premises. It’s important that you keep an updated list of authorised users that should be allowed in. From here your ANPR system can flag any irregularities or integrate with an automatic gate to allow efficient access for your team.

Our CCTV and ANPR solutions can be monitored from anywhere, via our easy-to-use mobile app. Allowing you peace of mind wherever you work.

Access Control

EDS can recommend a range of access control systems for any premises or environment. Being able to track who has entered and left your premises in an organised way is essential for both security, and basic safety. Our access control systems allow you to create a log of exactly which members of staff are on-site in real time.

Our access control systems are tailored to the individual needs of our clients’ organisations. We carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application. We then design a system to suit your needs today and for the foreseeable future. This allows for expansion of the systems as your business grows. This can include key cards, which are much more reliable than having to worry about staff bringing keys to the office every morning.

We also the latest access control biometrics. These unique solutions provide the highest level of security, as there’s no way that unauthorised personnel can enter using someone else’s pass. All of our access control services can be integrated into your IT system. Providing you with a clear log of who has entered and left.

Automatic door closers

Accessibility and security go hand in hand. Our range of automatic door openers and closers are designed to ensure safe access for all staff working at your distribution site. Having these systems installed is now a legal requirement for many premises for safety and accessibility purposes.

At EDS we offer a range of compact openers that can move large and heavy internal or external doors with virtually no noise. This is ideal for the medium flow of footfall traffic that distribution businesses face on a daily basis.

We can easily commission these services for existing new and old doors around your site.

For more information about any of these services, get in touch with the EDS team for a full site survey and to find out how you can access a tailored security solution. 01212 130 130