Automatic Rising Bollards

Automatic rising bollards across a driveway

Automatic Rising Bollards

We have a large range of automatic rising bollards that can be installed in a variety of different applications. They are a robust and high security method of preventing vehicular access. Our range includes automatic bollards with built-in lights that flash during operation, and can extend to a height of over 900mm in just 4 seconds, depending on your requirements.

One or more bollards can be installed and operated together or individually.

Automatic rising bollards provide a neat solution to preventing the passage of vehicles without the requirement for gates and have a minimal impact on the environment for town centres and historic sites. Automatic rising bollards are designed to keep traffic away from sensitive areas, delivering aesthetically pleasing traffic control devices that disappear flush with ground level.

The bollard can be set either in the raised or lowered positions by default. Operation can be via any of the following methods: radio remote control, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), tag module attached to specific vehicles, digital keypad, or an audio/video intercom to manned offices anywhere across the globe.

Several methods of safety are incorporated into the system as standard.

  • Residential & Commercial Bollards
  • Traffic Lane Control & Traffic Limitation
  • Control of Pedestrianised Areas
  • Automatic Bollards
  • City Centre Bollards
  • Anti Ram Raid Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollard Range

We have a range of bollards available from 100mm to 400mm diameter in semi-automatic or full automatic operation.

A wide range of finishes are available; we can provide stainless steel bollards, powder coated bollards and galvanised bollards, with many combinations to meet your requirements. For example, we can manufacture powder coated stainless steel bollards for harsh environments, giving you multiple levels of protection against the elements.

Please see the links below to a selection of the specification sheets, along with the pictures in the image gallery at the foot of the page. If you don’t see what you need contact us and we will be able to source a product to meet your needs.

Automatic Bollard Range:

EDSUKB101 automatic rising bollards

EDSUKB101 – Powder Coated or Stainless Steel Automatic Bollard. 275mm Diameter x 700mm Raise.

EDSUKB201 automatic rising bollards

EDSUKB201 – Powder Coated or Stainless Steel Automatic Bollard. 275mm Diameter x 600mm Raise.

EDSUKB301 automatic rising bollards

EDSUKB301 – Stainless Steel Automatic Bollard. 200mm Diameter x 750mm Raise.

EDSUKB401 automatic rising bollards

EDSUKB401 – Powder Coated Steel Automatic Bollard. 200mm Diameter x 500mm Raise.

Heritage Range of Automatic Rising Bollards EDSUKBO8

The EDSUKBO8 Heritage range of bollards are designed to be in keeping with most architectural surrounding, with the top of the bollard featuring horizontal fluting. The bollards are manufactured in a range of various heights and diameters with impact rating to suit.

EDSUKBO8A heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8a 120mm Diameter x 500mm Raise Height. 2400 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness. 58Kg Weight.

EDSUKBO8B heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8b 120mm Diameter x 750mm Raise Height. 2400 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness. 72Kg Weight.

EDSUKBO8C heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8c 200mm Diameter x 500mm Raise Height. 5000 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness, 86Kg Weight.

EDSUKBO8D heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8d 200mm Diameter x 750mm Raise Height. 5000 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness. 109Kg Weight.

EDSUKBO8E heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8e 250mm Diameter x 500mm Raise Height. 9000 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness. 121Kg Weight.

EDSUKBO8F heritage automatic rising bollard

EDSUKBO8f 250mm Diameter x 750mm Raise Height. 9000 Joules Impact Rated. 11mm Wall Thickness. 159Kg Weight.

Hydraulic Automatic Rising Bollard EDSUKB101

This innovative hydraulic product has been designed to ensure maximum peace of mind and protection for any entrance. The post, which disappears completely when lowered, is made of thick steel. During movement it is made clearly visible by the flashing warning lamp, in compliance with current safety standards.

In case of a power failure, it is possible to lower the post by carrying out a simple operation using the release key.

Photo of automatic rising bollards blocking access to a private car park
Automatic flowerbed bollards opening to allow access for an emergency vehicle

Automatic Flowerbed Bollard

The Automatic flowerbed bollard is a very unusual but clever style of bollard. It allows for a flowerbed to be installed into a sensitive area and to control movement.

The automatic flowerbed bollard can be used to close off access to restricted zones and pedestrian precincts, but can quickly be opened to allow emergency services or authorised vehicles through.

The automatic flowerbed bollard conforms to the machinery directive EEC 98/37 and all other European safety standards without additional safety accessories. It comes ready assembled and only requires fixing to the ground and connecting to the power supply.

With automatic or manual opening, there are also a range of aesthetic options allowing this product to seamlessly compliment and enhance the architecture surrounding it.

Stainless steel automatic rising bollards

Stainless Steel Automatic Rising Bollards

A recent installation of EDSUKB101 stainless steel automatic bollards at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon Avon. Fast acting EDSUKB101 automatic bollards in stainless steel were used, all operating at the same time.

Automatic help point and intercom bollard

Automatic Bollard Help Points & Intercom Systems

We are able to incorporate city centre help points into bollard systems to enable a control room to be called for assistance. The help points are rugged and functional. Optional button layouts allow one green button for emergency calls, or a two button option allowing for both emergency (green) and information (blue) calls. There is also the possibility to install a fire alarm break glass panel on the front of the unit.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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