Traffic Light Systems

LED Traffic Light Systems

LED Traffic Light Systems low energy high light output with multiple sizes, designs and type.

Custom made signs, directional indicators and control systems available, along with associated control systems and technology which is constantly evolving with the aims of improving reliability, visibility, and efficiency of traffic flow.

Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, stop lights, traffic lamps, stop-and-go lights, robots or semaphore, are signaling devices positioned at road or junction intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control competing flows of traffic.

Traffic lights have been installed in most cities around the world to control the flow of traffic. They assign the right of way to road users by the use of lights in standard colours (Red - Amber - Green), using a universal colour code (and a precise sequence, for those who are colour blind). They are used at busy intersections to more evenly apportion delay to the various users.  

  • LED Low Energy
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Wall Mounted
  • High Light Output
  • Internal or External
  • Quality Units
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Traffic Management Systems

EDS are able to design, supply and install virtually any type of Traffic Management System, we can integrate the Traffic Management System into existing site wide systems for control of barriers, gates, roller shutters, security systems, lights and other automation systems.

We are also able to provide custom designed and bespoke simple and complex systems being configured by our own in-house engineers who will create and write a software program specific for your site(s) to interface other systems locally or globally across other networks. Similarly if you need to interface any other system with a Traffic Management System we can also help.  

  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Traffic Light Systems
  • Coach & Car Traffic Management
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Electronic Data Loggers

EDS Can provide Data Loggers in a single station format or multiple stations systems, to collate any forms of data.

i.e. People, Noise, Flow, Temperature, Range, Voltage, Fluid Level etc.

Data loggers can be accessed locally via a wired network or remotley via GSM, Wireless Ethernet etc.  

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    Custom Signs

    EDS offer a full range of customised signs for a variety of scenarios, from car parks to banking, create your own text/design and have it made to your specification.

    • Customised LED signage
    • Add your text
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    Interactive Variable Message Signs


    • Variable Messages
    • Link to PC or Standalone
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    Wireless Intercom Systems Telecaller

    We have a range of Wireless Intercom systems, GSM & Radio Door Entry and Intercom Phone System technologies, using a variety of different transmission protocols from standard radio frequency, standard telephone or landline systems, through to GSM & Mobile phone technology to create the wireless link.

    The most recent innovative technology is the use of GSM Mobile phone solution, in which the Intercom unit replicates the functionality of a mobile telephone, enabling a completely wireless installation for either your Door, Barrier, Gates, Unmanned Stations or Door Entry systems. When your visitor arrives they push the button on the door phone which then in turn dials a pre-programmed number silently, for instance your office, department, home or mobile telephone number, you can then answer the call as normal vet the visitor and then type in your unique unlock code via your telephone keypad to let them in, if you are unavailable then a 2nd number can be called e.g. a mobile and wherever you are in the world you could let your visitor in if desired.  

    • No Separate Phones Required
    • No Separate Wiring
    • Vandal Resistant
    • Easy to Install & Maintain
    • Easy to Operate, Program & Maintain
    • Operates on Standard Telephone Line
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    City & Town Centre Intercom Help Points

    Can be installed around the City Centre or indeed any location that requires remote asistance.

    The help points can be installed internally or externally and have the capability to "call up" a remote centre anywhere across the globe and communicate with someone.

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    • Emergency Assistance
    • Vandal Resistant
    • Provides Reassurance
    • Secure Communications Route
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    A small but very discreet digital camera with audio micorphone for excellent covert hidden mobile recording. This silver ballpoint pen works as a USB drive and allows you to secretly record and playback on your PC or laptop via the USB drive. Comes complete with case and USB lead. Free playback software.  
    • Covert Colour Video & Audio Recording
    • Free Playback Software
    • Standard USB Rechargeable
    • Ready to Go
    • In Stock Next Day Delivery
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