Parking blog

How to create a complete parking system

At EDS we’re here to offer support on the areas of your business that you might not always be thinking about. This means everything from your doors, gates, security and building management. And one area of a business where all these services come together is your car park. A car park is one of the first impressions any visitor has of your site. If it’s a disorganised or potentially unsecure process, it can run the risk of genuinely upsetting someone. We all love our cars, and seeing one damaged because of a sub-par car park has to be avoided. Making … Read more

Glass fencing blog

Glass fencing, their uses, benefits and installation

Glass fencing is becoming incredibly popular for homes and businesses around the country. In the US it is often referred to as pool fencing as that is where it is most commonly located. Glass fencing is a fantastic way to add a level of security to your property, without sacrificing lighting or views, and arguably improving the visual presence. It’s a great way to make you and your guests feel safe and secure, while still being welcoming. If you’re considering getting glass fencing for your home or business, this guide is for you. We’ll run through the options available, the … Read more

Bespoke gate blog

Bespoke Residential Gates

Driveway gates are becoming more popular every year as homeowners look for better security, convenience and compliance with parking regulations in many areas. At EDS we’ve seen the demand for residential gates rise in the past couple of years and this trend looks set to continue. We know that the majority of people looking for a new driveway gate fall into two categories: those looking to secure a property that currently doesn’t have a gate, and those who are looking to replace an older or ineffective gate. For both of these groups we’d recommend going bespoke. Being able to work … Read more

Bollards blog

What is the point of bollards?

How can you secure your business’s car park? How about your driveway? Security bollards are the go-to way to protect areas of your site from vehicular traffic. At EDS we’ve supplied versatile automatic rising bollards that can help to reactively restrict access to pedestrian areas, calm traffic and add security to any site. We’ve recently seen many businesses and homeowners run into a particular security issue on their property. This is that if a vehicle parks on a driveway you can’t legally remove the vehicle. The same applies to a business car park. Written permission is required from the owner … Read more

Residential gate blog

How the right residential gate can help secure your rural property

Crime rates have risen across the country in recent years. And since rural crime has increased at a greater rate than urban crime, it’s more important than ever to take measures to prevent it. Isolated properties are often more appealing to burglars and other criminals. It’s also true that farms and other rural properties are often home to a wide range of expensive equipment that need to be secured. Securing your property has to be one of your top priorities. Whether you’re moving somewhere new, replacing an outdated element of your security system, or looking for a complete refresh, at … Read more

Events blog

How to create a secure entry solution for your festival or event

Event planning needs to be a highly organised process. Regardless of the size of your concert, festival, exhibition or event, you need to guarantee that guests and staff alike can access your site with ease. Especially during the summer, you need to avoid large queues and wait times, since it’s likely the first impressions guests will have of your event. This has become even more relevant since the beginning of the pandemic. Access control needs to be one of your top priorities. A huge variety of new technology is helping to make the event experience a much smoother process. At … Read more

Commercial gates

Why Commercial Gates are Ideal for the Professional Services

In the professional services, appearances mean everything. The chances are that in your sector there are quite a few businesses, who all claim to offer the same service you do or better. While only you know the true capabilities of your business, it’s important that you put your best foot forward to potential customers. That’s where we come in. At EDS we specialise in designing, provisioning and installing a wide range of entry solutions for businesses. This includes but is not limited to doors, access control solutions and the topic of today’s blog, gates. Installing a gate offers great security … Read more

Home business blog

Security solutions for homes and businesses

At EDS we’ve spent years developing an incredibly diverse selection of clients, from large, multi-site businesses to residential properties and even some of Britain’s most important public services. Even across this wide range of clients, we’ve seen that there are many services that overlap and can be made the most of by both commercial and residential properties. Many of these systems come under the banner of security and this makes sense. People want the best of the best to protect their homes, and this often means turning to a business-grade service. There is a risk that you could overpay though, … Read more

Bespoke blog

How to create a bespoke solution with EDS

At EDS our ability to design, manufacture, install and maintain bespoke projects is what sets us apart from the competition. Our unique services can be adapted from just about any product you see on our website, from gates and entry solutions to safety features and decorative displays. This is backed up not only by our great and very flexible team, but also a wide variety of outside help. We know that for the scale of bespoke projects that we undertake here we can’t be experts at everything. That’s why we have built long term relationships with a wide range of … Read more