Transportation blog

Entry solutions for the transportation sector

The transportation sector is all about getting people and things from one place to another. It’s only natural, then, that businesses here need to take a closer look at the technology that they use for entering their premises. At EDS we’ve worked alongside transportation sector businesses big and small. Our customers have included everyone from airports at Gatwick and Luton to small stations, cruise liners and some of Britain’s best-known car brands. All our projects are made bespoke, so we can cater to just about every need. Over this time, we’ve built up some valuable experience on what makes a … Read more


Creating a complete entry and security solution for the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector is one of the most diverse in the UK. Businesses here can range from small teams of just a few members of staff, to large-scale operations that need to support thousands of staff and visitors. Manufacturing is also an industry that above all else needs to prioritise the safety of its staff and visitors. Heavy equipment and other potential dangers need to be always accounted for. Security needs to be strongly considered as well. Your manufacturing site contains a large amount of valuable equipment, data, and staff possessions. It’s important that potential intruders and any other unauthorised … Read more

Turntable blog

How turntables can help you to maximise space

If you don’t already know about turntables, here’s a quick catch up about why they can be so valuable to a residential property. We know that space is now at a premium for many homes. At the same time, it’s much safer to allow cars to exit facing forwards, and in some situations it may be a legal requirement. A turntable allows you to rotate cars safely, allowing them to exit the property smoothly. A turntable is an innovative way to maximise your available floor space and greatly improves the safety of your property. At EDS, our turntables use the … Read more

Entry industry blog

How to find the right entry solution for your industry

When looking for a new entry solution it can often be difficult to know which services were designed with your industry in mind. There is a huge variety of gates, barriers and other traffic control services available, not all of which suit every team. At EDS we’ve worked with a wide range of industries over our 30-year history. We’ve provisioned entry solutions for teams in the private and public sector, based around the need for secure and comfortable entry in both high and low traffic areas. Whether you’re looking to secure the outside of your premise with barriers and gates, … Read more

Railing blog

Which Railing is Right for You?

Outdoor railings have a vital role for any building. They need to properly match the aesthetic of your building, prevent access to secure areas and in many cases prevent people from falling. Whether you’re protecting a business, home or public space, it’s important to find a railing provides a great level of safety without sacrificing visual appeal. At EDS we can provide a variety of railings, fencing and gates for business and residential use. All our products are made in Britain, meaning we can start projects faster and provide any maintenance, support or replacement parts very quickly. We employ all … Read more

traffic management blog

How to manage traffic in an organised way

Traffic Management systems are cutting edge services that can be installed in areas where vehicles of any kind interact with each other or with pedestrians, enhancing site safety. Traffic management systems are used for restricted sites, car parks, loading bays, coach bays, sections of underground road or any other areas where a controlled stretch of road can’t be seen by a driver. These solutions are bespoke designed by our engineers here at EDS and work seamlessly alongside any other traffic control services that your business may already use. There are a wide range of traffic management systems available to businesses … Read more

residential gates

How to find the right residential gate for your home

It’s natural for any homeowner to want to add an extra layer of security to their home. Installing a residential gate for your home allows you to control exactly who can access your premises. It’s also natural to want convenience as well as security when choosing an entry solution, and automatic residential gates are now the new standard when it comes to securing property. At EDS, we provide gates to homes across the UK from our base here in Birmingham. We know all homes are different, which is why our automatic residential gates can all be designed bespoke by our … Read more

BMS blog

Do you need a building management system?

Every business has different requirements from their working environment. Now more than ever we use a variety of different technology to keep our premises safe and comfortable for staff and visitors. This technology has to be controlled and managed effectively to ensure that everything works smoothly, and that you aren’t overpaying on any of your utilities. The use a Building Management System, or BMS to control these operations has grown in recent years. The BMS industry is predicted to nearly triple in value between 2016 and 2023. A BMS controls all of your energy management, security, fire alarms, CCTV and … Read more

Distribution Security Blog

The security solutions essential for the distribution industry

The distribution sector underpins the UK’s economy. This essential industry keeps just about all others working at their best. Transport and distribution teams aren’t just essential for consumers who want to receive their latest deliveries. But also businesses and the public sector. That’s why we believe that security for this industry should be a priority. With the importance of the distribution sector, and the value of many of the goods that are distributed, it is no wonder that this industry is targeted by criminal activity at a far higher rate than many others. With the logistics issues that are currently … Read more